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  • [vc_column_text]Poonch House,  98, Greswolde Road,  Sparkhill,  B’ham  B11 4DL.[/vc_column_text]
  • [vc_column_text]0121 778 6484, 07930 560537/ 07788 172053[/vc_column_text]
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Poonch Muslim Funeral Association

[vc_column_text]INFORMATION SHEET

The information contained in this sheet is very brief and should be used in conjunction with the set of comprehensive RULES.  The management cannot accept any membership based on or interpreted by this sheet.

The prime objectives of the Association are: –

(2.1) To arrange fund and send the dead body of a member or his/her dependants to Poonch, Azad Kashmir (Pakistan) from U.K, or

(2.2) To provide and fund arrangements of a funeral in U.K if a member, or his/her dependants so wished.
In the event of a member’s (or a dependant’s) death, the Association SHALL ONLY pay for the least expensive coffin, ONE official car (hearse), Kaffan, Cemetery costs and Mosque/cold room storage costs, up to a MAXIMIUM limit of £2500 only. Any additional cost will have to be borne by the member’s next of kin, family or relatives.
If the member’s family want a more expensive coffin, extra transport, flowers etc…etc…. then they will have to pay the additional costs.
The Association will fund the air fare of an accompanying relative when a member or a dependant’s body is transported to Pakistan. For CONDITIONS refer to the latest Rules of Operations.
If a member’s death occurs outside U.K but NOT in Pakistan, the Association SHALL ONLY pay an amount that would have been paid had the death occurred in the U.K, either towards the cost of the funeral or to the deceased family.
For further Rules and guidelines please contact the Association.


(2.1) The membership is opened to Poonchi Community provided they comply with the terms and conditions set by the Association.

All Poonchies (for the purposes of this sheet, a “Poonchi” means a person born in Poonch Azad Kashmir or of parents and grand-parents of Poonchi origin or married to a Poonchi) in U.K who accept the aim, objective, terms and conditions of the Association – subject to approval of the Management Committee – can become members.

(2.2) The Management Committee SHALL have absolute authority to refuse membership to any individual whose aims or intentions may not be in the best interest of the Association.

(2.3) Those individuals (and their dependants) who have been aware of the existence of the Association from the beginning and were invited on several occasions to join the Association in its early years, and declined to do so for

whatever reason, wishing to become members can do so provided that they pay a lump-sum equal to the total paid by any other member since the Association’s birth (i.e. since 1974).  In addition they also pay the fees according to their age, as shown below. Those individuals (and their dependants) not covered by RULE 2.3, wishing to become members can do so according to the following age category rules;

(2.3.1) anyone up to the age of thirty (30) years wishing to join, the registration fee shall be £21.

(2.3.2)  anyone between the age of 30 – 40 years wishing to join, the registration fee shall be  £100.

(2.3.3)  anyone between the age of 40 – 50 years wishing to join, the registration fee shall be  £200.

(2.3.4)  anyone between the age of 50 – 60 years wishing to join, the registration fee shall be  £400.

(2.3.5)  anyone between the age of 60 – 70 years wishing to join, the registration fee shall be  £600.

(2.3.6)  anyone between the age of 70 – 75 years wishing to join, the registration fee shall be  £900.

(2.3.7) They pay subscription for that year in addition to the amount above.

(2.3.8) In the case of a family application, the above fees shall apply for the oldest member of the family, up to the age of seventy five (75) years.
(2.4) The maximum age limit for membership to the Association is seventy five (75) years.  I.e. the Association shall not recruit any person beyond the age of seventy five (75) years.

(2.5)  A member’s child, between the ages of 20 – 25 years old must become a member by paying a reduced annual subscription of £15 (fifteen pounds) only. After the age of twenty five (25) years, normal annual subscription rule shall apply.

(2.5.1)  Children under the age of twenty (20) years are automatically covered by the membership of their parents.

Kaleem Khan – General Secretary

ISSUE 7 ( Aug. 2012)[/vc_column_text]


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