Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One


Poonch Muslim Funeral Association (U.K)

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic the Association temporarily suspends recruitment of all new members for the next six months. This decision will be implemented with immediate effect and will be reviewed at the end of the six month period.

This Association was formed with the sole purpose of facilitating the funeral services to members of the Poonch Community in the U.K. The members by way of annual subscription shall independently fund the organisation. The members will endeavour to propagate its cause to all known members of the Poonch Community in the UK and Poonchies will be invited to join the organisation for their own benefit.

The membership is to be considered according to the rules and procedures in place at the time of the application.

The main objectives of the organisation are;

  • That the membership shall never be extended beyond the boundaries of the District Poonch of Azad Kashmir (Pakistan).
  • That the organisation shall not be politicised or commercialised.
  • It must retain its original, community spirit and quality of service for which it was incepted, i.e., providing funeral costs of a member and their dependants either by sending the dead body to Poonch Azad Kashmir or to arrange the burial in the U.K depending on the wishes of the heirs of the deceased.

The organisation shall have a constitution to run its activities and the Rules of Operation are made according to the constitution.

Since the invitation to join the organisation has been communicated to all the known members, those who chose not to join at the early stages, their applications later on will be treated differently as opposed to the new members who were not aware of the existence of the this Association.

All new members will be charged a joining fee according to their age category and then will have to pay annual subscription set by the Association.

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